InVu® ceramic braces

What is InVu®?

InVu® ceramic braces are low-profile, tooth-coloured brackets that are more subtle than metal, while providing the same orthodontic performance. InVu® braces use an exclusive colour-matching technology that allows them to blend in with your own tooth colour resulting in virtually invisible braces. Other ceramic brackets can be reflective or see through and they can stain easily.

InVu® brackets do not stain and, unlike other aesthetic braces, they’re all ceramic with no metal parts to show.

How do InVu® braces work?

InVu® braces use low profile brackets and state-of-the-art injection-moulding technology to create the greatest possible comfort. InVu® provides a smooth, uniform surface to ensure your mouth glides smoothly over each bracket and doesn’t get caught on them. Therefore they give the strength of metal brackets with the comfort you desire.

  • Invu ceramic braces
  • Invu ceramic braces
  • Invu ceramic braces

What are the benefits of InVu® braces?

InVu® brackets are made of a translucent material that blends with your natural tooth colour. These brackets allow your smile to come through and mean many people won't even notice you’re wearing them. InVu® brackets also have the lowest profile of any other ceramic bracket on the market. That means they are the most comfortable bracket to wear, are safe and aesthetically pleasing.

InVu Clear Braces

Hey! Have a look at these private alternatives to metal brackets. They look great and are less visible.

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