Types of fixed braces

Metal brackets with coloursMetal brackets with colours

Stainless steel metal brackets are easily recognised and are widely used in the treatment of patients in all age groups. Their robustness and suitability for most cases make them an appliance of choice for most orthodontists. These metal brackets can be customised with coloured ligatures or modules to provide individuality and make them more aesthetically pleasing. 


Gold bracketsGold brackets

The Gold appliance systems, such as the ‘3M Unitek Victory Series’ 24K gold plated brackets, which can be complimented with gold wires –provide patients with an alternative to the traditional stainless steel look. These braces have great aesthetic appeal. 


Ceramic bracketsCeramic brackets

Fixed braces can be made “totally white” by utilising ceramic brackets, white or tooth coloured archwires and non-staining ligature wires. Brackets made from a ceramic material differ from plastic (polycarbonate) brackets in terms of the superior durability, colour stability, strength and overall performance throughout the treatment. 


3M self-ligating brackets3M self-ligating brackets

These are fixed braces which function without ligatures and modules. These braces are designed to help the teeth move more efficiently and may result in fewer adjustment visits. The absence of modules and ligatures eliminates the hassle of staining. Brands of self-ligating brackets include Damon®, Smartclip, Clarity® SL and Vision LP. 


Radiance bracketRadiance bracket

Every Radiance bracket is a polished jewel, made from single crystal pure grown sapphire, the second hardest mineral known to man. Each crystal is honed and then heat polished into a superbly smooth, incredibly clear, and astoundingly strong bracket. Once bonded, Radiance is nearly invisible on the tooth. 

For information on how to look after your fixed appliance, see our brace care section.

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