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Removable appliances

What is a removable appliance?

A removable appliance is made from a plastic plate with wires coming from the sides. These grip the teeth to keep the brace in place. Removable appliances have a limited number of uses, mainly because they are restricted to moving single teeth and widening either the upper or lower arches. They are not precision appliances and therefore cannot be used for complicated or fine tooth movements.

How do removable appliances work?

For a removable appliance to be effective, it must be worn all the time except when playing sports and for cleaning. In the initial period after a removable appliance is fitted it might feel strange because the plastic plates tend to occupy a bit of space in your mouth, but you will soon get used to it. The mouth also tends to produce more saliva than usual because the brain interprets the presence of the appliance as food; this tends to go after one or two days. You will have regular appointments for adjustments and monitoring of this appliance but if you experience any irritation of the cheek, gum or tongue, your orthodontist can adjust the appliance to make it more comfortable.

How to care for your removable appliances

Because removable appliances can be removed they are easier to keep clean. This also makes it easier for you to maintain your oral hygiene as you’re able to continue with a proper brushing and flossing routine without having to worry about cleaning around your appliance. Use the cleaning solutions and instructions given to you by your orthodontist to keep your brace clean. You must also keep your removable appliance in a safe place when not being worn as they are easily lost. 

  • Orthodontic removable appliance
  • Orthodontic removable appliance

Removable appliances

All you need to know about removable braces. Find out here about what Trinity House Orthodontics can do for you.

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