Trinity House Orthodontics / Cost and finance

Making orthodontic treatment affordable

The cost of orthodontic treatment varies, taking into account possible factors including the severity of the problem, brace type and appointment requirements. Before treatment begins, your orthodontist will be happy to discuss the cost with you. To ensure it is affordable there are a variety of convenient payment plans, where the cost of treatment can be spread over a series of months. 

Payment plans

To make your orthodontic treatment more affordable we have a selection of interest free payment plans available. A deposit towards treatment payments mean the remainder can be spread over an 18-month period, interest-free by direct debit or standing order.

Type of brace Price Paid in full
(up to 5% discount)
(Deposit) (Monthly payments)
Fixed - Metal brackets U/L from £2,800 £2,660 £700 £87.50/month x 24
Fixed - Clear brackets U/ Metal brackets L from £3,100 £2,945 £778 £96.75/month x 24
Fixed -
Clear brackets U/L
from £3,400 £3,230 £850 £106.25/month x 24
Invisalign i7 From £1,700 £1,700 £500 £100/month x 12
Invisalign lite From £2,550 £2,550 £945 £133.75/month x 12
Invisalign Teen From £3,900 £3,780 £1,500 £100/month x 24
Invisalign Full From £3,900 £3,780 £1,500 £100/month x24
Lingual braces from £4,000      

Additional appliances may be required which may incur further costs as follows:

  • Removable and functional appliances are from £350
  • Additional retainers are from £90
  • Vivera retainers by Invisalign are from £400 (includes 3 sets of retainers)
  • Bonded retainers are from £150
  • Temporary anchorage screws are from £250

Please note: all costs above are a rough estimate and you will be given your private quote after an orthodontic assessment; records taken and treatment plan appointment with Dr Schuth.

Records consist of Dental radiographs, impressions for study models and start photographs costing £100.

If you are interested in Invisalign treatment with us, there will also be a scan taken at a charge of £100. This will be deducted from your Invisalign treatment cost should you choose to go ahead with it.

Private treatment costs

Private treatment offers many benefits including immediate treatment commencement, convenient and flexible appointments and payment plans to suit your budget.

At Trinity House, we offer private consultations and treatment. A private consultation with a Treatment Coordinator is free of charge. At this consultation we will:

  • examine your teeth and mouth
  • ask you what bothers you about your teeth and how you would like them improved
  • discuss your treatment requirements
  • invite you to ask us any questions you may have about orthodontic treatment

Should you then wish to proceed with treatment, a follow up appointment with our Specialist Orthodontist would be arranged, which has a charge of £100. This would include:

  • a look at special radiographs (x-rays) which can show us how your teeth are developing and where and to what degree you have a jaw discrepancy, if any
  • take impressions (moulds) and photographs of your teeth
  • a full examination