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Early orthodontic treatment for children

While it might seem unusual for a child to receive orthodontic treatment at a very young age, it is advisable they have a consultation by the age of seven. This will allow your orthodontist to make use of your child's growth to deal with problems which, if left, may eventually require very complex treatment or even corrective surgery. Because there isn’t a one size fits all approach in orthodontics, at Trinity House Orthodontics we draw up a unique treatment plan for each child. 

To ensure your child’s treatment is successful we recommend you:

  • Follow the instructions given to you for the specific appliance being worn
  • Keep the appliance, teeth and gums clean by brushing and flossing as prescribed
  • Avoid foods and drinks that may damage the appliance and your teeth
  • Maintain a healthy diet
  • Keep all your scheduled appointments with the orthodontist
  • Visit your dentist at least every six months to maintain your child’s dental health 

Typical braces that might be used in the treatment of children 

Orthodontic removable appliancesRemovable appliances

These can be used to push individual teeth into correct positions or to widen/expand the jaws. 


Orthodontic twin blocks"Twin Block" and functional appliances

These are special removable braces which can help control and manipulate the growth of the jaws. Certain types of functional braces can be fixed into the mouth. 


Orthodontic fixed bracesFixed braces

When glued to the teeth each bracket can correct the position of individual or groups of teeth. Special fixed appliances called rapid palatal expanders can be used to expand or widen the roof of the mouth to create space for crowded teeth or to improve the bite. 


Orthodontic headgearHeadgear

These are used to move the upper teeth backwards and can sometimes be useful to slow down the growth of the upper jaw. A variation called a facemask can be used to pull the upper jaw and teeth forward. 


Orthodontic retainerRetainers

These can be removable or fixed. Their main purpose is to hold the teeth in place to prevent any movement. 

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