Oral hygiene services

Oral hygieneOur oral hygiene clinic is a 15 minute appointment with either a dental hygienist or an oral health educator. There is a charge of £15 for this service. This includes the provision of an orthodontic toothbrush, travel toothpaste and disclosing tablets, which help indicate where plaque is collecting so you know which teeth need more attention when cleaning.

What happens during my appointment?

The clinic begins with a discussion on the importance of effective tooth brushing, and removing plaque daily to prevent damage to the gums. An effective tooth brushing technique is demonstrated and shown on dental models. You will then be asked to show how well you have understood by brushing away all the disclosing solution on your teeth. A gentle scrub technique is recommended as the best way of cleaning your teeth.

Angle your toothbrush so it lays half on the gum and tooth at the gum margin, and brush one or two teeth at a time, for a count of ten. Start on the lower outside, inside and tops of teeth, then move onto the upper jaw and do the same. It is recommended that you brush morning and night, and after every meal and snack while undergoing orthodontic treatment.

Once the hygienist/educator is happy with the way you brush, they will briefly discuss your diet and how fizzy drinks must be avoided during treatment. They will also suggest reducing the amount of sugary foods to mealtimes only, and give you a list of safe snacks and drinks. 

Oral Hygiene Advice

Essential information how to keep your teeth healthy by taking care of your brace

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